The reason I want everyone to ask me ‘why?’ Is because I want them to understand that this isn’t just a fun project to us. Most people have said ‘gosh that’s a lot of scary things to manage, maybe you won’t get through them all. Try one a week?’ But that isn’t the point. That would be too easy.

Why? Because I’m doing this for a good reason. Every single thing we do, we will be doing it for Mind. The charity works with those that are mentally ill, and living with mental illness is one of the most terrifying experiences a person can go through. You lose control in a way, because your head is being controlled by something bigger than you. And it’s overwhelming. So to raise money for Mind, we want to make ourselves live in a wilder way, in a way that pushes ourselves to our limits in many ways. Physical, emotional and mental. And get off the damn sofa! 

I understand that some people think this is a bigger feat than we can handle. I get it! Some days I think that maybe we’ve made a mistake and we will let everyone, including ourselves, down hugely. But why not try?? Why not just give it a bloody go? The worst that happens is we say ‘well we did loads of cool stuff and we tried our best and had fun, so it isn’t a loss’. And we’ll be doing laps round the people still sat on the sofa saying they want to do this stuff ‘one day’. 

Our first donation came in the other day, and I nearly cried! £20- I didn’t really expect any, if I’m totally honest. So it made my day! And it buoyed me on to come up with more ideas, more and more that we can fill our year with. I have 100 so far! So I’m feeling confident. I saw a quote the other day that made me remember why we are attempting this:

Let these tiny accomplishments build up your reserves for when you face the heavy artillery

Julian Secker-Walker

So I know, I really do, that this is going to be hard. If it was easy there would be no point. So we’re going to try, and we’re going to do our best. 

Wish us luck! 


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