Happy new year! And so 2017 begins, and as does our year of fear challenge! I must admit, last night as we celebrated new years eve with a bottle of cider and a silly film I started to worry- what if we didn’t do enough? What if we ran out if ideas a week in?? Or some nights what if I come home exhausted and can’t summon the energy to find a scary thing to complete…I started to think maybe we’d bitten off more than we could chew.

But i’m fairly sure that that was mainly tiredness speaking, and maybe a bit of laziness too. When you’re sat in your pyjamas on the sofa, it’s easy to think that doing anything else is going to be hard work, and all you really want to do is stay right there! In reality, since we started this idea I have begun to think of our accomplishments more. I recognise now when we have done something worth noting! For example, today I apologised to someone, which took a lot to do as I didn’t feel I was in the wrong I yet wanted to be the bigger person. Afterwards, I thought to myself ‘that was a scary thing for the day!’ and it made me take note of those small challenges I take on each day and don’t realise. Telling a stranger on the train a joke, sending that email you’ve been meaning to do, facetiming someone for the first time (a terrifying prospect for me!). But by noting each time I succeed in doing one of these terrifying tasks, it might help us live in the moment more, just by taking stock of what we are accomplishing, no matter how seemingly insignificant they are. I also find that i’m talking about the challenge we’ve taken on with friends, and they’re feeling inspired to do their own, which is an incredible feeling!

So on to today’s task- Skating in the dark! 

After wrapping up warm- it’s bloody freezing this evening, so scarves and hats were a must!- we grabbed our skateboard and penny board and headed to the nearest park. It was completely empty which was spooky as hell, and we went straight to the skate park which I have never set foot in in my life! It’s always flooded with teenage boys who will most likely mock my terrible skating skills (or lack thereof) and so I avoid it like the plague, no matter how much I feel the urge to tackle those slopes. The slight downside was that it had rained all day, so it was virtually unskateable, but that didn’t stop us trying…We even found an abandoned trolley and went for a ride which I have also never done (I know, 22 years and i’ve never been pushed in an old creaky trolley round a park!). We felt like queens of our own little graffitied kingdom, and by the time we got home we were red nosed and chilly and ready for our dinner.

The positives from today’s challenge? It got us out of our routine and off the sofa, and made us move around a bit. Endorphins are wonderful things! I also got to do something i’ve always been too scared to do, which was skate in an actual skate park, and that felt pretty damn cool. A good way to start off the year!


PHYSICAL: 1—2—3—4—5

EMOTIONAL: 1—2—3—4—5—


FEAR FACTOR: 1—2—3—4—5—

P.S We have decided to put all the clips we film into a weekly video which we will post altogether at the weekend! We will update here every day, and our tumblr blog every day too ( and post our videos to our youtube (link in the ‘follow us’ page) weekly. Please follow! And please donate donate donate, all details are in our follow me page as well!


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