I won’t lie, today’s challenge nearly didn’t happen. We’d booked it a few days ago, decided to go to a local trampoline park and try out some tricks, but then we got home and nearly said ‘yeah, no’. Today for me had been long and exhausting with some scary moments already, and for Hannah she was in a down mood and hadn’t been able to shake it. We nearly called it a night, until I realised i’d be so goddam angry with myself if I did. Endorphins and all that, yadda yadda, but it’s true. So dammit, we went!

It was so worth it, and i’m glad we did! Hannah had worried that it would be packed- we checked the spaces and it said they were all booked, which meant it would be full to the brim and with no room to do any tricks at all! But i’m glad that didn’t stop us, as when we arrived we were literally the only ones- in fact I think we were the only thing stopping them from closing early (sorry guys!) but it meant we had the entire park to ourselves, and nothing stopping us from acting stupid, falling over and making ourselves look silly. Phew! I used to do trampoline lessons as a kid, so remembered a few tricks and made myself have a go at them- I wasn’t quite as rubbish as I expected! I even jumped onto the giant inflatable a few times which looked awesome but was insanely hard to get out of so I made my stomach muscles work harder than they had in a long time.

It felt good to get moving around, and by the end we were both shattered and sweaty and beaming! I’m so glad we went, and it was definitely better than worrying about looking stupid and staying home because of it. Top tip- do the things that you’re afraid of because you think others will laugh. They’ll forget it a matter of moments later, but you’ll regret it much much longer.


PHYSICAL: 1—2—3—4—5

EMOTIONAL: 1—2—3—4—5


FEAR FACTOR: 1—2—3—4—5


P.S we have now raised 7% of our goal of £1,000, and it’s only day two!! So please please continue to donate, it means so much to us!


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