Maybe because I know we have an AWESOME challenge tomorrow, today is a slightly less scary challenge. However, that is only because it sounds like it isn’t scary to most people. For me? Terrifying. Today, I rang the doctor!

I had actually been intending to do a headstand as my challenge today, but that didn’t go to plan- go watch my attempt on our tumblr,, you will laaaaaugh. But, as I was doing yoga it made me think about being healthy, and I realised that I never called the doctor to get my blood tests back. I’ve had problems with feeling constantly exhausted and it’s been getting me down, so a few weeks ago I went to the doctors and he sent me for blood tests. Having Christmas in between meant i’d forgotten to chase them up, but there was something else stopping me- I cannot do phone calls. I just can’t. I have like, three people I can ring, and that’s it. If it’s someone else calling me, I will just ignore them. I will sit and watch a phone ring and then text ‘oh sorry, missed your call!’. I will make endless excuses, as to why I can’t ring someone, I will pretend I never heard it, I will do anything to avoid actually speaking on the phone. Don’t get me wrong, it tends to be fine when I do have to do it, but the build up is the actual WORST. I get short of breath, my chest hurts, I want to cry, it’s stupid but I really struggle. But, it’s a rare afternoon off today, so I finally decided that as my headstand had failed so spectacularly, and I may not have time for another challenge today, this would have to be it.

I would rather bungee jump than ring the bloody doctors. 

After ten minutes of staring at the TV and pretending to be so wrapped up in Brooklyn 99 that I simply couldn’t ring because I was watching something so brilliant, I realised I was being pathetic. Just do it. It won’t kill me.

Turns out i have low vitamin levels and the doctor needs to ring me. Not the end of the world. I’m not dying. I may need some supplements but i’ll survive. And I survived the phone call.

Hell yes.


PHYSICAL: 1—2—3—4—5

EMOTIONAL: 1—2—3—4—5


FEAR FACTOR: 1—23—4—5

P.S make sure you follow this blog for our next challenge tomorrow, it’s fricking awesome!




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