Today was a suuuuper lazy Saturday, much needed after a long week, so we didn’t do a huge scary thing today. An opportunity was presented to us, however, when our cat Flor came home covered in mud from playing in puddles! What better time to attempt to bathe her, something we’d needed to do for a while (she has super smelly breath, bless her, which means when she washes herself she gets even stinkier!)
It was quite sweet actually, seeing her all bubbly and clean. And she didn’t scratch our eyes out, though her own eyes were pretty damn wide!

So only a little scary thing today, but now we had a clean kitten and we know we can do it again in future if need be! (Also, have a picture of Flor looking much less stinky than she actually is)


PHYSICAL: 1—-2—-3—-4—-5

EMOTIONAL: 1—-2—-3—-4—-5

OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONE: 1—-2—-3—-4—-5

FEAR FACTOR: 1—-2—-3—-4—-5


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