Today’s challenge is a little less…challenge like? It isn’t something scary like the escape room or going for a muddy run, it’s a little more mental than that. And no, not mental as in crazy! Mental as in emotional, a will power of a different kind. 

I got a call from my doctor yesterday saying that my blood tests came back- everything was normal except my vitamin D. He said normal levels are between 50-100, and mine was 20! He said that as brits, we tend to have low levels of vitamin D as we have less sunshine, but 20 is very low and they recommend treatment for anything under 30. He said it explains my fatigue and my joint pain, and he wrote a prescription for me to start today. The name for it is so long I’ve already forgotten it, but I took my first tablet today!

It’s scary, because this is something I’ve needed and wanted for a long time. I literally day dream about having energy, about not needing to nap after a walk into town or half a day at work. About not yawning 24/7! It’s scary because if it doesn’t work, it’s back to the start again. Back to more tests and different diagnoses. But if it does work, it could be like the start of a new lease of life! It’s scary because I’ve put it off for so long and now it’s happening I just have to go with it. It probably sounds pathetic to a lot of people reading this, and I get it! It isn’t a massive thing, and if this is it then it’s fairly easy to fix. But it’s a big thing for me. And I can’t jump off cliffs every day but I can take little steps to make my life better, and that includes my health. 

Maybe you find this isn’t worthy of a blog post or a follow. But this challenge is for us as well as raising money, and I want to look back at our year and know we made positive changes to our lives that would outlive this year alone. If I can say that 2017 was the last year I felt permanalty exhausted and miserable because of it, what a change! And it doesn’t need a fear factor rating, just some positive photos of us at the end to remind me why we’re doing this year long challenge! 

Hope you’re all happy and healthy! 


2 thoughts on “#010: Start New Treatment

  1. Hello Freya I think you’re amazing doing this for yr mum – and I love reading your blogs,really compelling.I too found out I have low vitamin D today – only 19, so we have something in common! I’d like to donate to yr causr/Mind – how do I do that? I’d also like to set you a challenge- are you up for that??! 🙂 Keep it up, it’s wonderful, Deirdre


    1. Hey Deirdre! If you go to the ‘follow us’ page, there is a link to ‘donate to us’, which takes you to the justgiving page! Also, Nicky has shared the link to it on her Facebook if that’s easier to find! And yes, we definitely are up for a challenge! Also I hope your vitamin levels increase!


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