So it’s totally a scary thing if you just sign up, yeah?? Yeah, I think so. Because holy crap, now it’s a commitment. BUT this is the coolest version of a run we could find, and i’ve always always ALWAYS wanted to do it . The colour run is an awesome run called ‘the happiest 5k ever’, where thousands of runners start the day in a white t-shirt, getting covered from head to toe in a rainbow of colours at five stations around the course. And I particularly liked this addition on the website- ‘Oh and did we mention you don’t even have to run? You can choose to run, walk, skip or dance your way around the course. It’s all about the fun and what gives you the biggest smiles!’

So yay! The most fun kind of exercise ever. And you can make a team, so we are getting t-shirts with ‘a year of fear’ on, and inviting friends to join us on the run! We really can’t wait for July now. Bring it on!


PHYSICAL: 1—-2—-3—-4—-5

EMOTIONAL: 1—-2—-3—-4—-5

OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONE: 1—-2—-3—-4—-5

FEAR FACTOR: 1—-2—-3—-4—-5




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