Well holy shit. Sorry, it’s only been a few hours since we finished the film, and I’m still feeling a little sick. So we decided the first scary film on our list was the human centipede- a film that is mentioned and talked about with disgust, and therefore in my mind is a horror you have to see before you die! I’m starting to think I could have died happily without seeing it, but now we’ll never know….

And hey, for a film, it really got the adrenaline going! I love horror films because they make your heart race and it sends endorphins around your body. Afterwards you feel exhausted! The film itself was bizarre and disturbing and gross but I now feel like we achieved something by watching it all, haha!! One down, a few more equally disturbing ones to go I’m sure!

Also also WE HIT £100 TODAY! £100 of donations in under a month, we are so happy! So thank you to all that have donated, and to those that haven’t I hope we can convince you over the year of our dedication to this insane attempt at a scary year, all for a good cause! 

(Ooh, and we filmed today’s reaction to the film, so watch out for that in our video coming next week!)


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