Alright, due to a sick day we are a little behind!! But we are catching up, and have some exciting plans which will catch us up quickly next week. Never fear!! Also, we’re at £110 which is so exciting!

Right, so to recover from my sick day I decided to have a jog around the local park. I really hate running in public, it terrifies me- I assume everyone is judging me and laughing at how bad my fitness levels are! But I found the coolest app called Zombie, Run! And it’s the cutest app to get you going. I picked an interval training mission, and my mission was collecting water for our group. They mix the talking with whatever music you choose (so my super cool running playlist) and tell you when to run away from the zombies getting closer, and also when you’ve picked up certain objects. Seriously cool! I was so occupied with the app that I forgot to watch people watching me, and just ran. Helped me release a lot of stress from work, too.

So doing something scary was worth it! I enjoyed it, a lot, and plan on doing it regularly now. I recommend it to everyone wanting to have a fun way to get fit! 


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