Alright, this challenge was way more fun than scary, but we have had a few scary things the last few days and this was more of a release. These scary things have involved death, work, threats, calling people, mortgages, and all are either things we can’t write about or fairly boring things. So this is a light relief! 

The jungle golf at the Trafford centre was adorable- lots of tiki trails and fake animal noises, and of course Hannah beat my ass at it like she always does! (I let her win, shh!) But it was scary, because it was new and it was a way of letting go of work and everything else stressful. Also it was scary because I was determined to beat hannah, and she whooped me anyway. So there’s that! 

Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far- I can’t explain how much it means to us!! We have tons of cool plans, next week I’m off all week so we will have so much fun catching up! Don’t stop following and encouraging, it’s hard work sometimes but it’s worth it to raise money for a worthy cause! 


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