Fun fact: I’m stressed. I’m stressed that we’re behind on days, I’m stressed about work and life and Donald trump and money and more things I can even let myself rant on about. I know this is a temporary stress, I knew this would be hard to keep up this year, and I’m glad that we’re doing it, but sometimes I get overwhelmed.

Yesterday, we both worked all day, and they weren’t easy days. At the end of it, Han raced home to pack and get the house ready for us being away, and I travelled home (an hour and a half commute) and when I got back we raced around to get ready to leave. A four hour car journey at 8pm isn’t ideal, but we wanted to make the most of the time in Brighton, and save us travelling down Saturday morning! It was scary, hannah had to drive whilst exhausted and it was hard to stay pushing us along instead of nodding off the second I sat down. I’ll be honest, all I wanted to do was cry. The drive down is never easy, a year ago we did that journey four times in the space of five weeks when my mum died and I will now forever associate that drive with that time in my life. 

BUT- we’re here. We’re exhausted, but we’re here! I’m sorry that this is a bad entry, I wanted to keep you guys updated and also remind myself in the future when we read back these entries that sometimes the bravest thing you can do is drive home. 


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