Hannah’s first blog post! Freya’s written them all so far, but this one is personal to me so here goes!

A belated art post! 

So on day 1 of our year of fear I decided to post a painting that I did – honestly it scared me so much to put it on Facebook for all to see. Due to forgetfulness and general busy-ness I forgot to make an official blog post about it! 

To be honest I’m not much of an artist at all, I didn’t even do GCSE art – I just enjoy picking up a pencil or a paintbrush every now and again. I don’t have particle style or preference, I just like to pick up the brush and see what happens. 

I did a few paintings that day, I was home alone and wanted to do something more creative than scrolling endlessly through social media. Grabbing some scraps of cardboard and old dried up paints I thought I’d try and make something. Turns out using the wrong end of a paintbrush and layering a lot of paint up, makes for a pretty cool effect! 

I actually felt quite impressed with one particular painting I did, so what better way to scare myself than to post a picture of it on Facebook…  Posting art for all to see is very daunting – you open yourself up to people thinking “what on earth is that”, not necessarily commenting that on the post, but someone somewhere must’ve thought that when seeing what I posted. I mean, it’s scary to think that once I uploaded that picture that it may not get a single like – and yeah, you’re not supposed to do these things for the likes, but any post sat there with none wouldn’t do anything for your confidence! Fortunately I did get likes, lovely comments and my post started up conversations with people about art that would have never happened without me posting it. 
Posting something you’ve created and are proud of onto social media is scary, people’s reactions can make or break your day – I’d encourage anyone who is creative, or not as the case may be, to post their art or writing or creations online – you may be pleasantly surprised at the results! 


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