Wahoooooo! Okay so I’ve been excited about this challenge from the moment we were given it as a Christmas present. Indoor skydiving! Eeee! I had no idea what to expect but I definitely thought it would be easier than it was…

When we got in, we got to watch someone do it first which was awesome but fairly nerve wracking! Then we were shown a video, taught some hand signals for the instructor to tell us what we needed to do differently, because once in there you can’t talk as it’s so loud! We were then dressed in the super cool suits, and helmets and glasses and earbuds, and it was go time! We all got two minutes in the tunnel, split into two goes, as a total skydive normally is around 40seconds of freefall! I thought at first ‘oh that’s not much’ but if it had been longer I couldn’t have managed I don’t think!

Hannah was the first in, my brave girl. You have to have you arms out front and legs out straight, hips pushed out to make an arch. Way harder than it sounds! When it came to my go, I could barely breathe in the wind, it was so powerful! I found it so hard not to spin round, and he had to keep showing me the hand signal for ‘relax!!’ Haha! On the second go he gave us the option to do a high fly- he held on to us and we went all the way to the top of the tunnel! So terrifying, I couldn’t breathe the whole way down and kept laughing! 

We also got to watch a man with two artificial limbs take off his legs and do some practise in between our goes, he was SO cool! He’d won tons of medals and kept flipping and was upside down for the longest time, I’ve no idea how he did it. It made me want to do it more, and I hope we can do a real skydive this year as well! 


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