The way social media adapts scares the crap out of me. Honestly, it is something that fills me with wonder and dread every day! I think that it’s insane how much it’s developed just in our life time, and reached bizarre and terrifying new heights. One new development- live videos. Like FaceTime, but for hundreds of people we call friends…

And now it’s not just Facebook! It is apparently Instagram too! So the night before this challenge, someone we both follow on Instagram did a live video. We tuned in, just out of curiosity, and found it so lovely the way we could interact and send comments she could see as we watched! Weird but cool. So we gave it a go ourselves the next day! 

The reason this is scary, for me, is the way it makes you vulnerable. You can’t necessarily script it, or edit it if your chin looks weird! You can see the people watching you, but they don’t need to interact with you- reminds me very much of that film ‘nerve’, the watchers and the players. It also makes you feel a little shit when people tune out- am I not interesting? Did they laugh at me, and not in the good way? I feel embarrassment at a very intense level at times, and that has always put me off even YouTube videos! But I’m glad we gave it a go. And actually, it was fun- stressful, and weird, but strangely enjoyable!!


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