We are nearing the end of the first month! I won’t lie, it’s been hard at times, but I’m still enjoying it and determined to see it through! And now is a very good time to say PLEASE DONATE if you want to give us that extra boost to keep going, as well as give money to a worthy cause! 

So nearing the end of my annual leave, and with a few days alone, I decided to do some baking. I have very little skill in this department, but I’m always determined to try! My favourite is banana and chocolate chip muffins, so I had a go at making a batch. I have to admit, they turned out looking pretty damn perfect! I think they were the best looking batch I’ve ever made, but it didn’t mean they tasted good…I decided a very scary thing would be to let others have some too! I tend to get very nervous letting people try my cooking of any kind- although I have more confidence with baking, I can never tell if it actually tastes good or it’s just me!! 

I took a few to our dinner at Hannah’s nana’s, and they were served as dessert. I can’t tell if they were liked, or it was purely family being lovely and polite, but they were (mainly) eaten! So I guess that’s one step closer to baking for people I work with…!


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