Another blog post by Hannah! 

Not typically scary no, but making home improvements on a house that isn’t officially ours yet is daunting. We’re still in the horrible waiting period before we can officially buy the house we’re currently renting!

There’s so much we want to do decorating wise, it’s hard to hold back! We don’t want to spend too much money however on a house that we don’t own yet, just in case things fall through – so putting up some shelves that can be taken down easily if needs be seemed like the best option! 

I’ve always watched my dad do DIY at home when I was little and he’s the first one we call on if we need anything done around the house- and he’s good enough to always offer to lend a hand – so when it came to wanting to improve our spare room we called on Daddy Lyon! 
So anyways, our spare room looks more like a cosy little study now- regardless if we get the house or not, it’s made it into a wonderful place for writing and art. 
We’re definitely looking forward to more home improvement projects and finally buying our first home! 


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