Spoilers!! So there’s been a bit of controversy around this film…in it, the main character has DID- dissociative disorder- and is also a psychotic killer who eventually has an identity which is a monster and can adapt his height and can climb walls etc. People have discussed how it portrays people with DID as monsters and killers which is definitely not the case. 

I get this, and I worried too- there is very little representation with mental illnesses, especially personality disorders. As I have BPD, I have seen a lot of representation of those with borderline personality disorder as being manipulative twats who are selfish and violent. Wahey! And this is the only representation in the media that is talked about currently, as it is admittedly a good film! We went in with an open mind. It was scary, and a little disturbing at times, but I’m glad we went. It challenges ideas of psychology and our DNA adapting to our brain which is fascinating! It is worth a watch, but please keep in mind that people with DID are not all like James mcavoy (who is seriously good in it, as well!)


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