After being humiliated after our first attempt at breaking out of the escape room, we returned determined to beat the newest room- Disturbed! A Saw themed room, it looked terrifying and difficult. Just what we like!

We went in determined and focused. After the man told us that only two groups had escaped since it opened a few weeks ago (and those groups were him and his brother, and his girlfriend and her friends…) we admittedly worried a little about what to expect, but we were still determined. 

After getting stuck on the first bloody padlock, so much so that the man actually came down because he literally gave us the answer and we still couldn’t open it as it had jammed, we ploughed on despite wasting ten minutes on one bloody lock! We solved riddles, raced through challenges and algebra riddles (seriously?? If school had told me THIS is what I would need it for I would have studied harder!) but sadly we ran out of time. We had made it into the second room but not got the code to get out completely! So damn close.

I guarantee we will be trying again. These girls don’t give up!!


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