Our twelve (yes, twelve!) animals are our life, and they’re all beautiful in their own unique ways, but our rats are a pain in the arse when it comes to cleaning. I know it’s good to show that rats are actually clean creatures and not full of disease, but actually four boy rats who we could never quite toilet train are gross as hell when it comes to cleaning poop up. GROSS.

Anyway, we decided we needed to do a deep clean when we got a chance, the normal cleans weren’t cutting it, and hannah had an amazing idea- use the do it yourself jet car wash!! So we dismantled the cage, left the rats loose in the animal’s room to play, and took it to the car wash nearby. It was an experience- freezing cold, soaking wet, but it did the trick! It was like a new cage! They also had a lavender bath themselves after, and got a new bed to get tucked up into. Lucky boys! 

Definitely found a new way to do a deep clean!! 


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