It is slightly odd that so many of our challenges have involved golf…have we discovered a new hobby by accident?? But instead of crazy golf, this time we did REAL golf. Well, real golf practise! 

Hannah used to go to the driving range with her grandpa, and she was eager to show me how it worked- I’d never been! We found one near, and it looked like the kind of place where you are a member rather than a casual player, so I was scared to go in and show just how little I knew about golf…I have to admit, I did think it was just hitting a ball, but holy crap it isn’t just that!! It’s so much harder than I ever expected! I made a fool of myself for the first few (read: twenty) hits, but I like to think I got the hang of it eventually. Hannah’s awesome at it! We’ve found something yet again that she’s better than me at…someone suggest a challenge I can win at, please!! 

So hey, watch out for more golf challenges?? Who knew?? 


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