This is a slightly odd one, but I have never had the real confidence to complain about a service I’ve received. I’ve had plenty of shocking service, but I’m terribly British and the idea of complaining fills me with shame and terror! How odd that we are so scared of telling someone that we aren’t pleased?? When we’re paying??

As it’s Valentine’s Day soon, I ordered a few of Hannah’s presents online from Etsy! What I love about etsy is how different and eclectic the products are, and that they’re handmade and run by small independent companies. It’s lovely! And I’ve never had any issues. One of the presents, however, never turned up- it said online that it should have, so I agonised over where it was. A few days later I finally messaged tentatively, and she replied asking if I’d maybe mislaid it! Erm, nope. Nope! So I bit my lip and replied, and asked for another sent. ANOTHER! 

No, seriously, this is unheard of for me. This is just not me. But it’s for my wife, it was cute, and I wanted it to make her happy. So dammit, I was gonna complain. And she sent another, which took ages to arrive, AGAIN. 

When it did arrive, it was beautiful. But I’ll be damned if I leave a good review- and that’s the most passive aggressive action I can imagine! 


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