This one is hard to write. We’ve had to reach a difficult decision over the last few days- and realise we won’t be buying this house.

To explain: we’ve been renting this house for a year and a half. A year ago, we told the owner we wanted to buy it. We made an offer, she accepted, we got a mortgage offer and a survey and then when a fault in the roof came back and we asked for it to be sorted, it ground to a halt. Nothing’s happened since, and we’ve been stressed and sad and felt like we have no control. We love this house, but it’s not worth this stress. And if the owner can’t even say yes or no, it’s time to move on. 

We’ve started to house hunt, and it’s going to be a long road. We expected to buy last year, so this is a big blow and it’s a lot to consider. Hey, the owner may respond tomorrow, but they also may not, and we need to at least prepare ourselves for that. It’s stressful but at least we’ll be ready for the worst. 

Here’s to a lighter and positive future! 


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