It’s not something I’m proud of, but when I was 17 I started to self harm. I have been in recovery for over two years now, but the scars remain. I am not ashamed of them, but it is hard when they get pointed out. Thankfully they are not noticeable most of the time, but when they do get pointed out I find it hard to know how to respond- people don’t want to discuss it obviously, but I never know what they expect me to say. It gives them access to knowledge about me I didn’t volunteer, and that’s never nice.

For a while, I’ve been planning on getting them covered with a tattoo, but I haven’t known what. Recently we’ve started being tattooed by an amazing artist called Stephanie Melbourne, and I love her work so much I decided I wanted that covering them. I sent her some ideas and she made an amazing design, and we spent today tattooing over three years of anger and pain. It was healing, and I strangely didn’t find it painful in the slightest compared to my others! 

Thank you, Stephanie, for turning something I’m ashamed of into something beautiful. 


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