Yaaay, tattoo tea party! A convention that looked far too cool for us, but it turns out we fit right in!! And my god, I’m so glad we went- it was so much fun! Strong man competitions, vintage cars and motorbikes, stalls, comedy, magic shows, and SO MANY AWESOME TATTOOISTS. 

We knew a shop that would be there, Forever Ink from Warrington, so we stopped over and said hello as hannah was going to be getting a big piece done later. I wanted a flash piece done, and wanted to make sure I’d seen all the options, so we looked round all the stalls at the their flash and eventually ended up back at the original shop we started at! The guy had some lovely flash pieces and I settled on a little arm filler, a pair of red lips!

It’s truly bizarre, getting tattooed with an audience. On the one hand, strange and a little intimating, but on the other it felt very cool. Some people there had no tattoos, some only two or three, some completely covered. We actually fit in so well, it felt amazing! And had so many compliments on our tattoos. It’s like a little family, and I felt such a sense of belonging. And everyone watching means you have to act like it doesn’t hurt, which in turn kind of helps the pain?? 

(We also got so much cool stuff, wahoo!!)


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