I wrote before about going to the Tattoo Tea Party convention- well, whilst hannah got her hand tattoo I went for a wander, and came across someone who was doing tarot readings! 

I myself am not a huge believer in all of that. I believe there’s lots we don’t understand fully, but I’m sceptical of people who just rip you off with fortune readings and palms. But this lady looked friendly and easy to talk to, so I thought why not? She only asked for donations, no fixed price, and I admit I was curious! I told her I was a little sceptical and it didn’t phase her, she just explained the process was just for this year’s predictions and told me to pull three cards.

I pulled: the empower, the magician and an ominous card with a man covered in arrows and no words on it. A little worried, I sat back to see what they meant. Turns out I was going to have a level of responsibility at the start of this year, with lots riding on how I handled it. The magician was to show I was juggling which ‘face’ I used in my life- one for work, one for friends, one for family etc. I was learning how to make that work best for each part of my life, and help me stay on top of things. 

The last card was actually about endings. Not death, but stripping myself bare. She said I’d do a lot of self reflection this year, changing myself in various ways, and stripping the ‘dead’ sides of myself and the people or things that were toxic. What a beautiful idea! 

I enjoyed it, I admit. I think all the cards could be made to apply to anyone, and probably be bent to work for anything, but I still loved it. And I may do another in the future! 


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