My family is a complicated one, but who’s isn’t really?? 

My gay parents, two mum’s, had me via a sperm donor, and I was always told about it and they were open with us- at 18 I was told I had 11 half siblings, and I tried to find them but no one had registered yet. I was sad in a weird way, but tried to forget about it, until eight months ago I was told I had a half sister and a half brother who wanted to meet me! I was shocked, as I had forgotten I’d even signed up by this point!! We talked lots, as I’ve written about before, and finally, after finding out she existed only eight months ago, me and my half sister finally managed to meet! Wahoo! I was terrified and excited and nervous she wouldn’t like me, all at once!

And hopefully soon, I will meet my half brother- my half sisters full brother! 

Phew, so many Christmas presents this year…!


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