Me and my wife, we aren’t the most spontaneous of people. We will decide last minute to go to the garden centre, but that’s about it. We love our camping and our log cabins too, but we always book way in advance and plan lots- most of the time! But we’ve been saying for ages we need to book a holiday for April as we have a weeks leave and should use it. We put it off and put it off and the I got a message from the wife when I was at work. “I booked us a holiday!”

Yay! Spontaneous-ish trip to edingburgh for three nights! Staying in an airbnb which we’ve never done, a gorgeous flat that is stunning and has a beautiful view of Leith! I can’t wait, it’s going to be lovely to whizz away for a few days with the girl I love. And I don’t think she would have done something like this before we started this project- proof it works. Scare yourself a bit each day and your confidence improves hugely! 


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