So part of my job includes night shifts every six months. In my last job it was every six weeks, so a lot more frequent, but I got used to it. However, the last set of nights I did was just after my mum had died, and despite telling myself I could do them, and being put as a ‘spare’, I completed one night of seven and fell apart. I had chest pains, I struggled to breathe and had panic attacks. I had to admit defeat, and my wife had to call them and say I couldn’t cope. I hid in the house for a week, and felt like a failure.

When this set came around, I had to keep telling myself it would be very different. It’s in a different role, and it’s been a whole year since my last lot. It was a very long week, but finishing them felt amazing, and it was worth the rest week after! I also overcame the anxiety that I had around doing nights, and I know I can handle them from now on. Whoop!





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