It am not proud of it. I was scared to write this, but it has to be done. I did something illegal today, and I…

I got on the train without a ticket.

I know. It could have ended in a fine, a court date, even a prison sentence. I risked my livelihood and my home, my family’s future, everything I’ve worked for. I was stupid and childish and I hopped on that train without a second thought after my night shift. 

I wish I could say I’ll never do it again. But I’d be lying. I adored the thrill of it, the terrifying lurch of my stomach as I left the train, realising what I’d done without a second thought. What have I become? A felon? A runaway from the law? 

I am a new person now. I seek out danger and thrill. I fear no repercussions. I only fear fear itself. 
(In case someone worries, this is all sarcastic. I did forget to buy a ticket though, and it did scare me when I realised!! But no, I am not a law breaker now. I’m still scared to illegally download music…)


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