So we are halfway through the year! And I have been fairly useless in updating this blog, so I’m going to do a huge dump (excuse that phrase, how gross was that??) of all the exciting things we’ve done in the last three months that I’ve not updated!! We have:

Gone to Gay pride in Birmingham! 

Started going to the Gym at work

Started lifting Weights 

Booked a Hot air balloon ride for our anniversary

Celebrated a whole YEAR of marriage

Voted in the general election 

We went into Manchester (after terror attack)

Started a Book club with one of my best friends 

Buried a pet (actually two…)

Joined a gym outside of work 

Signed up for skydive with work

Completed the Colour run!

Disclosed my mental illness at work 

Registered for a Masters 

Try beer (so gross)

Baked cookies for colleagues 

Use smoke bombs for photos (they came out amazingly!)

We are now at number #90! I know it isn’t halfway- we’re a few off that still…- but we are still going! A lot of people thought we wouldn’t, so it’s good to prove them wrong. Oh, and have a photo dump of the last few months, and I solemnly swear to start updating daily again!! Startingggggg now! 


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