#104: Padlock on Liverpool Docks


For our anniversary, my wife got me a little rose gold padlock with a set of keys. We had meant to use it before but never got round to it, so on a trip into Liverpool we decided to head to the docks which are filled with lover’s padlocks, and add our own! 

Four years with my best friend, and a blissful year of marriage. Throwing those keys into the river, we locked it to the chains alongside thousands of others who are also madly in love. 


#103+#105: Assault at Work + Make a Police Report

27.08.2017 and 15.08.2017

Obviously with my job I am not able to go into detail with this one. All I can say is it was probably the scariest moment I’ve had, even though it was over so quickly. I love my job but it does scare the shit out of me some days. As a result of this I also made a police report which was a first for me, and not something I hope to repeat any time soon! 

#101: Get a Kitten


So you may have seen by now that me and my wife are fairly animal obsessed. We have three cats, rats, gerbils, and a hamster! And we just added another fur baby to the mix…Bean! Bean is an eight week old kitten from a litter of farm cats. Hannah surprised me with her, I had NO idea, and I may have nearly cried at her tiny paws…

At the time of writing this we’ve had her for three weeks! She’s settled in incredibly. She is obsessed with her older brother Loki, loves playing with her older brothers and sister, loves milk, sleeping on your chest, playing with literally anything and chewing your fingers. She HATES plastic bags. Basically she’s perfect and we love her. 

#101: Outdoor Swimming


We live in England- the sunmer lasts for maybe a day?? But when we went down to brighton for my sister’s birthday, we went to an outdoor pool! We were one of only a few people crazy enough to swim in an unheated pool, and spent a lot of our time with our teeth chattering, but it was so much fun! At one point the heavens opened so we ran with all our things for shelter, then back out when the rain had passed. I felt like a kid again! 

#100: Prostitution Museum


During our trip to Amsterdam we went to the prostitution museum in the red light district. It’s a very touristy attraction of course, but it’s also very unnerving, and fascinating. It’s also an experience I’m glad we had- especially one part. You stand in front of a fake window, and it’s a video of people walking past and interacting with you as if you’re a prostitute in a window of the red light district. You’re stared at, laughed at, people look in disgust and mock you, they stare at you in fascination. You feel like a zoo animal, it’s an exposing and vulnerable position to be in and it was very bizarre. Fascinating and bizarre. I’m glad we had that experience! 

I also couldn’t get any photos, so enjoy one from me in a bar later that day…! 

#099: Highest Swing in Europe


Whilst in Amsterdam, we were told about somewhere called A’DAM’s lookout! It’s a tall building which was a little ferry ride away, and at the very top was a beautiful rooftop space where you could sit and look out over the city, and also a swing! 

It took a LOT of convincing to get my wife on there…I think she only got on because the swing has two seats and I would have been all alone! We queued for almost an hour, but it was SO worth it. DEFINITE bucket list tick off!! I recommend it if you’re ever in Amsterdam! 

#098: Amsterdam


Wahoo I’m 23! And on my birthday, we were up at 3am to fly to Amsterdam for four days! It was our first holiday abroad despite being together four years, so the first time on a plane together! 

It was an absolutely brilliant birthday. We crammed so much into four days, and I could have easily stayed longer if we had been able to! We want to go to so many more places, but this was somewhere I know we’ll return to. Enjoy some pictures from our trip! 

#097: Meet My Half Brother


You may all remember from a previous scary thing right at the start of the year that I met my half sister Lydia! Well, my half brother lives a little further than Lydia does, and we hadn’t been able to find the time to meet. We had spoken on the phone and talked lots, but still hadn’t been able to meet in person. We FINALLY managed to meet up for a drink, and it was as if we’d known each other our whole lives. I only hope we get to much up much more often. 

#096: Walk in Brighton Pride


You’ll remember that a previous scary thing we did was walk in Birmingham pride with the prison service! Well brighton pride has meant a lot to me growing up, and I remember as a kid watching the uniformed forces walk in the parade with their partners and thinking ‘I want to do just that’. So whilst Birmingham pride was amazing, the chance to walk in brighton pride too was a dream come true.

I chose not to walk in uniform, despite my dreams. A) it feels unsafe to do so, as a prison officer, and on a more superficial level B) I didn’t want to walk in the heat in full uniform! So shorts and a PiPP top it was! The march was amazing- SO many people, I don’t think I’d fully realised how busy the pride parade audience is! Seeing our friends cheer for us was amazing too. Afterwards we found them all and went into the park, and it was a brilliant day! Though drinking from 9am really takes it out of you…! This scary thing was a definitely tick on my bucket list! 

#095: Hot Air Balloon!


So my anniversary present to my wife for one year of marriage was a hot air balloon ride! After having to cancel it once already because the weather was bad, we were so excited when we rang the night before and they said it was all go! 

Getting up at 4:30, we drove the hour to the site where they were preparing the balloon. It was kind of terrifying, seeing such a huge balloon and knowing we were about to go up in it!! This challenge was definitely out of our comfort zone, but I couldn’t wait. 

Once up in the air, it was actually way less terrifying than we expected, and quite relaxing! The morning was stunning and grey, and we could see for miles. Our guide pointed everything out as we floated, and we dropped lower at times to glide closer to the ground and watch the hares sprint across the fields. It was absolutely stunning! I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I recommend it to everyone to try once in their life! It shows how tiny we are and how beautiful the world is.