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#073: Do Something Illegal


It am not proud of it. I was scared to write this, but it has to be done. I did something illegal today, and I…

I got on the train without a ticket.

I know. It could have ended in a fine, a court date, even a prison sentence. I risked my livelihood and my home, my family’s future, everything I’ve worked for. I was stupid and childish and I hopped on that train without a second thought after my night shift. 

I wish I could say I’ll never do it again. But I’d be lying. I adored the thrill of it, the terrifying lurch of my stomach as I left the train, realising what I’d done without a second thought. What have I become? A felon? A runaway from the law? 

I am a new person now. I seek out danger and thrill. I fear no repercussions. I only fear fear itself. 
(In case someone worries, this is all sarcastic. I did forget to buy a ticket though, and it did scare me when I realised!! But no, I am not a law breaker now. I’m still scared to illegally download music…)

#072: Register for Open University


For a very long time, i’ve wanted to sign up for another degree. I’ve had my heart set on doing a forensic psychology course, and later getting a masters, but i’ve put it off for a long time. Finally, i’ve registered for a course that starts in October! It will take a long time, as i’ll be doing it part time whilst working- if I could, i’d do it full time, but I need to pay the bills! So six years will have to do. I can’t wait to start learning again! I’ve missed it so much. Bring on October!

#071: Roll Down a Hill


Did you ever roll down a hill as a kid? I don’t think I have for a long time, but I used to constantly when I was younger. I think walking up that hill reminded me how much fun it was, so both of us had a go at rolling down the grassy slope- I felt like a kid again! Definitely worth doing again!




#070: Climb Arthur’s Seat



On our second to last day of our trip, we walked up a hill to a place called Arthur’s seat- it’s a beautiful and very steep hill, and the wind nearly knocked us off our feet the whole way! But the view at the top was incredible, and well worth the breath being snatched from us every time we turned to face the wind! I’d love to do more walks like that in the future, going to have to find some worthwhile spots nearby I think.



#069: Camera Obscura



On our second day of our trip, we went to the wonderful Camera Obscura! It’s an attraction in Edinburgh filled with illusions that make your eyes go funny and your head whirl. The scary part of it was a vortex tunnel- it affects adults, but not children! So when you walk along a straight and unmoving platform, it feels like it’s spinning from side to side! When you reached the other end you felt like you were still spinning. Very sicky making!! But good fun!




#068: Go On A RideĀ 


Hannah’s post!

I’m not one for rollercoasters AT ALL. I’ve no idea what it is or why I don’t like them, but I’ve been to Thorpe Park once and can safely say I’m not going again! 
But on our trip to Edinburgh we went on a tour of the dungeons. That was scary enough as it was but at the end of the tour there was a ride that was made to feel as though you were being hung. 

I was so tempted to back out and leave the tour at the point but amongst feeling very embarrassed to just leave and that some little obnoxious American kids were pushing past to get on- I forced myself to. 

Still don’t like rides or rollercoasters – but hey, I did it and definitely scared myself! 

#067: Edinburgh Dungeons


We had been told by lots of people that when we visited Edinburgh, we HAD to go to the dungeons tour! So we booked it for the second day, and it was so worth it. I’ll admit though, it was a little scary. Not the funny bits, with silly actors and awful jokes, but at one point we went on a fairly terrifying boat ride and even I had my eyes screwed tight shut and my head under my wife’s arm the entire way…But so much fun!

Go check it out, if you ever visit!

#066: Cat Cafe!



Right, so, maybe this isn’t the most terrifying experience ever, but it’s something we’ve wanted to do for like, ever. And we finally got to eat cake and drink tea whilst stroking very very fluffy cats and playing with them and admiring their absolutely amazing home. The cafe had built them some amazing games and climbing frames and beds, it was fantastic! I want to open our own cat cafe, wouldn’t it be the most wonderful job in the world??




#064+#065: Explore a New City & AirBNB



Time for our getaway to Edinburgh, at last! It’s so nice to explore a new city, and find new hidden gems. I even stayed awake the whole night (my last night shift) and then all day too! But because it was a new experience, I was too excited to feel tired. We visited the national gallery, the cat cafe, the surgeons hall museum, saw Sister Act at the Playhouse, walked a lot, saw the botanical gardens, and so much more! We stayed in a very cute Airbnb for the first time, and it was lovely! So much nicer than being in a hotel, even if I did spend the whole time being jealous of the flat’s decor and wanting it for myself…!

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, with so much to do and see, and we can’t wait to go back another time to see all the parts we didn’t have time to see!




#063: Sign Up For Skydive



We’ve said from the start of this that a skydive would be an amazing goal for our year of fear! Turns out that opportunity struck earlier than expected- a colleague at work mentioned doing a skydive with work for a charity called Derian House that work supports regularly. I asked if I could get involved, and he passed on the contact details- after speaking to the person coordinating it, she has given my name to the charity and signed me up! It’s not until September, but i’m so excited! I hope to do a few more scary things before then, but it’s good to have a goal in place. I can’t wait!