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#094: Three Peak Challenge Sign Up!


As you can tell, a lot of our scary things have involved improving our fitness and endurance. We didn’t intend them to but it’s discovered a passion in me for fitness and improvement, so it felt natural when I received an email from work saying they were wanting people to do the three peak Yorkshire challenge that I sent one back saying ‘yes please!!’ 

I don’t know if I’ll be chosen- they want one fit individual and one person who wants to improve their fitness, and then they train together for three weeks before. I’d absolutely love the oppurtunity- so why not seize it when I can!! This year of fear has really helped me to actually go for things that interest me instead of saying ‘oh but it would be so hard!’ 

If we achieve nothing else this year with this journey, I’m glad we achieved that. 

#093: Hold A Dying Pet


The sad thing about having beautiful rodents as pets, is that they rarely live long. Our first ever pets as a couple were a pair of gerbils called Milo and Fizz! They lived four long years, and then sadly Milo died a few weeks ago and left his adoring partner behind. It was clear to see that Fizz missed him, and lost her fight bit by bit. Sadly, she was slipping away very quickly when hannah took her out to cuddle, knowing she wasn’t far from passing away, and she slowly fell asleep and slipped away in her mumma’s hands.

Our first pets are gone, and whilst we have many little feet to love and cuddle, those two were our first, and we will miss them so damn much. We adore you, Fizz. Sleep tight. 

#092: Kick Ass!


Okay so I didn’t literally kick ass, but figuratively? I was a damn boss.

At work we are trained to use force, and in my year of working there I have yet to fully use my training. Be this lack of opportunity, not arriving quick enough or nerves, I had started to think I would never get a chance to prove that I am able. It’s a macho job, it’s easy to convince myself that I’m too weak, so when I was finally able to ‘prove’ myself, I was very damn proud of myself. I am stronger than I believed I really was. 

#091: Seize An Oppurtunity


A simple one! At work I have several training courses I have been interested in doing, but far too nervous to speak up. Finally I sent an email asking to be enrolled on a course, and was accepted! I’m so glad I will be seizing this oppurtunity and furthering my career- it’s going to be fascinating and something new!! 

Halfway point! 

So we are halfway through the year! And I have been fairly useless in updating this blog, so I’m going to do a huge dump (excuse that phrase, how gross was that??) of all the exciting things we’ve done in the last three months that I’ve not updated!! We have:

Gone to Gay pride in Birmingham! 

Started going to the Gym at work

Started lifting Weights 

Booked a Hot air balloon ride for our anniversary

Celebrated a whole YEAR of marriage

Voted in the general election 

We went into Manchester (after terror attack)

Started a Book club with one of my best friends 

Buried a pet (actually two…)

Joined a gym outside of work 

Signed up for skydive with work

Completed the Colour run!

Disclosed my mental illness at work 

Registered for a Masters 

Try beer (so gross)

Baked cookies for colleagues 

Use smoke bombs for photos (they came out amazingly!)

We are now at number #90! I know it isn’t halfway- we’re a few off that still…- but we are still going! A lot of people thought we wouldn’t, so it’s good to prove them wrong. Oh, and have a photo dump of the last few months, and I solemnly swear to start updating daily again!! Startingggggg now! 

#073: Do Something Illegal


It am not proud of it. I was scared to write this, but it has to be done. I did something illegal today, and I…

I got on the train without a ticket.

I know. It could have ended in a fine, a court date, even a prison sentence. I risked my livelihood and my home, my family’s future, everything I’ve worked for. I was stupid and childish and I hopped on that train without a second thought after my night shift. 

I wish I could say I’ll never do it again. But I’d be lying. I adored the thrill of it, the terrifying lurch of my stomach as I left the train, realising what I’d done without a second thought. What have I become? A felon? A runaway from the law? 

I am a new person now. I seek out danger and thrill. I fear no repercussions. I only fear fear itself. 
(In case someone worries, this is all sarcastic. I did forget to buy a ticket though, and it did scare me when I realised!! But no, I am not a law breaker now. I’m still scared to illegally download music…)

#072: Register for Open University


For a very long time, i’ve wanted to sign up for another degree. I’ve had my heart set on doing a forensic psychology course, and later getting a masters, but i’ve put it off for a long time. Finally, i’ve registered for a course that starts in October! It will take a long time, as i’ll be doing it part time whilst working- if I could, i’d do it full time, but I need to pay the bills! So six years will have to do. I can’t wait to start learning again! I’ve missed it so much. Bring on October!

#071: Roll Down a Hill


Did you ever roll down a hill as a kid? I don’t think I have for a long time, but I used to constantly when I was younger. I think walking up that hill reminded me how much fun it was, so both of us had a go at rolling down the grassy slope- I felt like a kid again! Definitely worth doing again!




#070: Climb Arthur’s Seat



On our second to last day of our trip, we walked up a hill to a place called Arthur’s seat- it’s a beautiful and very steep hill, and the wind nearly knocked us off our feet the whole way! But the view at the top was incredible, and well worth the breath being snatched from us every time we turned to face the wind! I’d love to do more walks like that in the future, going to have to find some worthwhile spots nearby I think.



#069: Camera Obscura



On our second day of our trip, we went to the wonderful Camera Obscura! It’s an attraction in Edinburgh filled with illusions that make your eyes go funny and your head whirl. The scary part of it was a vortex tunnel- it affects adults, but not children! So when you walk along a straight and unmoving platform, it feels like it’s spinning from side to side! When you reached the other end you felt like you were still spinning. Very sicky making!! But good fun!